Addison Timlin reflects on ‘single parenthood’ on Mother’s day

Addison Timlin reflects on ‘single parenthood’ on Mother’s day

Addison Timlin weighed in on the challenges of single parenthood as she filed for divorce from Jeremy Allen White.

The 31-year-old shared her thoughts on Instagram that being a single parent is ‘** hard,’ ‘exhausting,’ and ‘lonely.’

“Being a single mom is not how I pictured it. It is so *** hard. It is all out covered in ** crying on the floor, kicking you in the shins screaming with no sound coming out hard. It’s not the natural order of things,” she penned.

The mother-of-two added, “It can be exhausting, but more than anything, it can just be so lonely. when something magical happens, and you have to tell yourself “don’t forget this” because there’s no witness by your side. It’s so painful. But just like everything with motherhood, the lows are demolished by the staggering heights.”

Despite the challenges, the Afterschool star said motherhood was ‘peaceful’ and ‘so deeply in love.’

‘Im feeling so peaceful today and so deeply in love with my children; being a mom is the only thing I’ve ever wanted, and being theirs is just the luckiest, most remarkable thing on the planet. Doing it alone has given me more strength and more empathy and more tears than anything else in my life ever has,” Addison added.

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