AIPEF urge union minister to expedite selection process for BBMB management

All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) has urged the Union Minister of Power to expedite the section process of Chairman and members BBMB as per past practice.
AIPEF said that there has been no regular Member Power and Member Irrigation for the last more than two years and the term of present chairman is also expiring in one and half months.
“As per RTI information, the posts of Member Power and Member Irrigation in BBMB starting from 1966 up to 2022 Member (Power) was always taken from Punjab and Member Irrigation from Haryana. Further, no advertisement has been issued for the selection of Member (Power) and Member (Irrigation). Only the selection process of BBMB chairman is under process”, said AIPEF.
Padamjit Singh chief patron AIPEF in his letter mentioned that the BBMB may be heading towards a bankruptcy and the management after the retirement of present chairman on July 1 would suffer.
“The government must realize that the notification amending the rules of BBMB was unrealistic, impracticable and designed to bring to standstill an organization that has worked smoothly since 1966. Interstate issues which directly impact that partner states must not be tampered with, more so when the partner states would be adversely impacted. The central government is answerable for its meddling with Section 79 (2) by trying to introduce amendments that are not practicable, and not required and which have practically jammed a smooth running system of over 5 decades”, wrote Padamjit Singh in the letter.
He said Punjab and Haryana governments should forward a panel of three senior power engineers and irrigation engineers respectively as per previous practice so that the Ministry of Power can start the selection process.
V K Gupta spokesperson AIPEF said that on December 30, the government approved the current duty charge (CDC) of the post of Member (Power) to SS Dhadwal chief engineer generation who retired on February 28. Similarly, SD Sharma chief engineer Beas Satluj Link project has been given a current duty charge for a maximum period of six month and will expire next month. The term of BBMB Chairman is also expiring on 1st July”.

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