Blackpink’s Jennie reveals her essential items that she keeps in her Chanel bags

The first item for her mini bag is her cellphone, revealing that she’s a very affectionate texter

Jennie from the K-pop group Blackpink sat down for an interview with Vogue Japan where she revealed the items she always keeps in her Chanel bags. She presented two bags from the luxury brand, a smaller one and a larger one.

For her mini bag, she claimed: “This is my compact mini bag that has a little bit of the stuff that I need in life.”

The first item for her mini bag is her cellphone, revealing that she’s a very affectionate texter. “It holds my cell phone. I use my phone for messaging people. I love sending hearts to [them].”

The next item is her hair tie for whenever she needs to put her hair up. “Of course, I have a little scrunchie for my hair that also works as a bracelet if you want.”

Similar to many other idols, she always brings her AirPods with her everywhere she goes. “I have these AirPods. I listen to meditating music when I’m traveling in cars or airplanes. Just plug it in and zone out.”

Her final item for the mini bag is a gemstone trinket that she bought in Los Angeles.

For her big bag, she explained it holds a lot of items that she may need in an emergency situation. “I’m like a mom, I think, when it comes to bags. To me, I think moms always have everything ’emergency’ in their bags when they go out with their children. So I’m like a mom to myself.”

First off, she keeps a trusty hair clip on her at all times. “We start with a hair clip to tie up my hair whenever I need.”

Next up is her cat pouch, which she admitted that she doesn’t have a specific use for and only bought it because of how it looked. “I thought it was cute so I bought it and then I just forced myself to put some stuff inside.”

Several other items include skincare products like jade rollers, a mirror, and a scar healing mask. She also keeps a keyring that a friend gifted to her as well as medication.

“This just has medical stuff in case of emergencies.”

She has a film camera with her to take photos when she’s inspired. “I have a cute film camera that I carry in my bag just in case I want to snap any moment in life. It’s usually the people that I’m with that I take my snaps of, or a cute puppy, or animals that happen to be near me. But I don’t use flash because they don’t like it.”

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