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Fans question if ‘feud’ with Victoria Beckham has thawed?

Nicola Peltz has posted a cryptic TikTok video that led fans to wonder whether her feud with mother-in-law Victoria Beckham has actually ended.

On Saturday, March 4, Nicola Peltz shared a cryptic TikTok video on her Instagram story, featuring her miming the lyrics to Lola Young’s Don’t Hate Me, just a day after her reunion with her husband, Brooklyn Beckham’s family.

As per Daily Mail, the Beckhams appeared to have quashed the family feud rumours when Victoria dressed her daughter-in-law in one of her garments at her show.

However, after Nicola shared the video on Instagram, fans were left wondering whether it was aimed at her mother-in-law.

The lyrics which the actress mimed, read, “You said that I’m really f***ing boring, well, that’s rich coming from you. Cause when you rain your f***ing pouring. I can’t win, I can’t lose.”

In the comments section, one person questioned, “Is this fur your mother-in-law?”

Another fan chimed in, “I think the problem is, you and Vicky are both more alike than you would like to admit.”

“Ping this to Victoria Beckham?” a third fan wrote in the comments. 

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