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Ford video drives home women’s contributions to Explorer

No heater. No windshield wipers. No turn signals or brake lights. No GPS.

All are missing from the Ford Explorer “Men’s Only Edition.” Not because Ford Motor Co. is cutting corners — or thinks men don’t use turn signals anyway — but rather to spotlight the many indispensable vehicle features invented by women.

To mark International Women’s Day last week and Women’s History Month in March, Ford created a satirical ad narrated by actor Bryan Cranston, who does many of the company’s commercial voiceovers.

“For the first time ever, we’ve completely reimagined the automobile,” Cranston says in the video. “Introducing the Men’s Only Ford Explorer, with no windshield wipers, no heater, no turn signals. Wait, no rearview mirror, no GPS — are you kidding? Ah, it’s missing all the parts created by women. Wow, whose great idea was that?”

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