‘Girl dinner’ on TikTok is huge. But should we keep promoting it?

There was the cottage cheese craze. Then there was that Grimace shake behavior. This summer has been filled with viral TikTok food trends that have users on the social media app tasting all kinds of new flavors.

While content creators champion videos of the recipes everyone should want, the latest food on the social media app isn’t even a meal at all. Enter the “The Girl Dinner,” an easy-to-make serving for one that’s essentially a cluster of pretty nibbles. Think a little cheese, a punchy pickle, a colorful veggie array and some cleanly-folded salami. And of course, a fresh pour of rosé.

These posts (which are gaining millions of views) are visually addicting and subtly liberating in that the snacks are free from the boundaries of a recipe and require basically no cooking. There’s also the thinking that amid rising experiences of loneliness and other mental health gaps, stopping to chew some creatively arranged burrata-coated peaches slowly on one’s porch could be quite healing for the soul.

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