Jack Black’s Tenacious D to perform new single ‘video games’ at Hollywood Bowl

Jack Black’s Tenacious D to perform new single ‘video games’ at Hollywood Bowl

Actor Jack Black’s band Tenacious D will be performing their new single ‘video games’ at the Hollywood Bowl, the band announced on Instagram. 

“We are going to perform our new #1 hit VIDEO GAMES with full orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, June 25th at The Game Awards”, the message read on Instagram accompanied by a poster.

Jack Black released video games after receiving rave response to his song ‘Peaches’ for The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Tenacious D released ‘Video Games’ with a complementary animated video featuring numerous video game references.

The video begins with Black chanting he’s never played video games, whilst hilariously alluding to all his favourites including, God of War, Fallout 4, Sonic the Hedgehog, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Super Mario Bros and more.

Jack Black’s Video Games is animated by YouTuber Chris O’Neill, and melodiously establishes his gamer standing.

In a statement about ‘Video Games,’ Black and Kyle Gass said: “It’s about growing up and leaving childish things behind…. But then realizing that video games are more than just mindless toys…. In fact, they can be a true expression of huge ideas that belong in the pantheon of great works of art! It’s about time someone defended the honor and integrity of this bold new horizon. Leave it to the greatest band in the world… Tenacious D!!!”

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