K-pop group Aespa’s Karina reveals her weight loss technique

As soon as the idol walked in, the host couldn’t hide her reaction to her stunning appearance

Karina from the K-pop group Aespa revealed her secret to losing weight during her appearance on My Alcohol Diary with host Lee Young Ji.

As soon as the idol walked through the doorway, the host couldn’t hide her reaction to her stunning appearance. She also couldn’t mask her surprise when she saw that Karina has finished all of her food, and mentioned that whenever she comes across her she always had a good portion of food on her plate.

When Young Ji claimed that she must not be able to gain weight easily, Karina strongly disagreed saying it was the opposite. She revealed that when she works out, she does so wearing a padded jacket. “I wear a sweatsuit and run for 4 hours.”

She also added that she puts on K-pop music to motivate herself when working out. Young Ji then expressed her appreciation for the idol’s hard work, saying:

“Oh, I just realized it now. I understood after listening to you. You eat this much, but people could say it’s impossible to keep in that shape. You move a lot and put so much effort. People just don’t know because you never talked about it with them.”

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