King Charles’ goddaughter Princess Maria Olympia faces ‘unexpected’ turn

King Charles’ goddaughter Princess Maria Olympia faces ‘unexpected’ turn 

Heartbreak in the Air!

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece, who is King Charles’ goddaughter, has experienced an unforeseen development in her life.

It has been reported that she ended her three-year relationship with Peregrine Pearson, the heir to the fourth Viscount Cowdray.

According to the Mail Online, the royal couple had simply grown apart.

Although Maria-Olympia has not officially commented on the reports, it seems she has removed photos of Peregrine from her social media account and unfollowed the 28-year-old.

King Charles goddaughter Princess Maria Olympia faces ‘unexpected’ turn

 During this time, she has been making solo appearances at New York Fashion Week, including attending the Carolina Herrera show on Tuesday evening.

Princess Maria-Olympia, aged 27, began her relationship with Peregrine in 2020.

In recent months, keen royal observers have observed Peregrine’s absence from Maria-Olympia’s social media profiles, and some even noted that he was not present at her 27th birthday celebrations in July.”

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