Marc Missonnier claims Cannes ‘punished’ him for raising voice

Marc Missonnier claims Cannes ‘punished’ him for raising voice

A French producer raised his voice against acceptance of Catherine Corsini’s film Homecoming, which was riven by on-set misconduct accusations, at the Cannes Film Festival.

Now, he claimed his accreditation was revoked in response.

Marc Missonnier, who has produced hits including 8 Femmes and Swimming Pool and Marguerite, tweeted, “I’ve just arrived on Croisette like every year for more than 30 years. Even if this year will be different because, as I announced, I will not be going to see any of the films in Official Selection.”

The 52-year-old continued, “And there, I learn that it (accreditation)had been cancelled a few days earlier without anyone telling me because, and I quote, ‘I called for a boycott in a virulent personal campaign.’ I have therefore been PUNISHED and sent to the corner like a naughty schoolboy. The only thing I can do is laugh.”

Meanwhile, the film in question, Corsini’s Homecoming, was accused of minor safeguard failure and crew mistreatment.

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