Marc Missonnier remains ‘unfazed’ over Cannes ‘action’

Marc Missonnier remains ‘unfazed’ over Cannes ‘action’ 

Marc Missonnier, a critically-acclaimed French producer, claimed he was “punished” for calling Cannes Film Festival boycott as they selected a controversial Homecoming film.

The 52-year-old took to Twitter to reveal his accreditation was shelved after his criticism of the film festival’s admission of the movie.

“I’ve just arrived on Croisette like every year for more than 30 years. Even if this year will be different because, as I announced, I will not be going to see any of the films in Official Selection,” the producer said.

He added, “And there, I learn that it (accreditation) had been cancelled a few days earlier without anyone telling me because, and I quote, ‘I called for a boycott in a virulent personal campaign.’ I have therefore been PUNISHED and sent to the corner like a naughty schoolboy. The only thing I can do is laugh.”

Meanwhile, Missonnier is best known for 8 Femmes, Swimming Pool, and Marguerite.

Further, Corsini’s 2023’s Homecoming was riven with accusations of failure to safeguard minors and ill-treatment of crew.

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