NTA: Extensive and compulsory frisking a must, no untoward incident reported from any centre during NEET-UG exam

NEW DELHI: An internal report of the National Testing Agency (NTA) has countered the claims of insensitive frisking during the NEET-UG exam on Sunday and stated that no untoward incident happened at any centre.
According to the report, at the Chennai centre the female candidates were checked in the designated closed room, while in the Hoogly incident, the male candidate came in “cargo trousers and formal covered boots” which is against the exam dress code.
NTA officials also said that they had cross checked with video footage and some of the claims were from previous years’ test.
As per the dress code for NEET-UG, “light clothes with long sleeves are not permitted,” and “slippers, sandals with low heels are permitted. Shoes are not permitted.” It was also stated that “in case of any deviation required due to unavoidable (medical, etc.) circumstances, specific approval of NTA must be taken before the admit cards are issued.”
The “Barred Item and Dress Code” policy of NEET-UG also states that “The candidates will be subjected to extensive and compulsory frisking before entering the Examination Centre.”
The entrance exam for medical and dental programmes on Sunday registered a record 97% attendance.
As per media reports, at a centre in Sangli in Mumbai female candidates were frisked in open while at a Chennai centre they were forced to change their clothes before taking the exam.
According to a senior NTA official, “Dress code instructions clearly states that no candidate will be allowed to enter the exam centre without proper frisking. This cannot be avoided so as not to compromise with this high-stake exam.”
Regarding the alleged incident in Chennai centre, as per the report, a copy of which is with the TOI, “The examination was carried out as per the guidelines and instructions from the NTA … It was also ensured that all instructions were followed strictly in true spirit … and no untoward incidents happened in the city of Chennai.”
“The internal inquiry found that the allegations coming from Sangli are also not true,” said the official.
As per the report, “ … during frisking by a female attendant in a closed room designated for girls, there was a beep by the metal detector in case of a girl candidate. Thereafter a lady frisking representative deployed at that area requested the girl candidate to wear the top properly after thorough frisking.”
Describing the Hooghly incident, the report stated, “ … the incident occurred at around 12.30pm. One male candidate was in cargo trousers and formal covered boots. He was stopped by the frisking team and school team as he was continuously arguing. However, later on, he was allowed to enter, and no further problem arose. There was an escalation of the incident by the candidate later on. No student was asked to change the dress as reported by the observer and centre superintendent.”

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