Robert Downey Jr ‘intimidated’ to join Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer: Here’s why

Robert Downey Jr ‘intimidated’ to join Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer: Here’s why

Robert Downey Jr has recently revealed there was “kind of intimidation factor” while working in a Christopher Nolan movie.

Speaking to IMDB, the Iron Man shared his working experience with Christopher as a director in his upcoming biographical thriller, Oppenheimer.

“Like a David Lean or a Hitchcock, there was this mystique,” said the 58-year-old.

The Due Date actor continued, “Christopher is arguably one of the least judgemental directors I have ever experienced.”

Robert noted that for Christopher, “it’s not about control” rather “it’s about precision”.

The actor pointed out that it really kind of created a “whole new neural pathway in my mind of how I can relate to that projection of the director”.

Robert’s co-star Matt Damon also chimed in and stated, “Christopher got this incredible ambitious vision but he won’t impose on you. He gives you total creative freedom.”

“He gets the best out of everybody especially he’s collaborating with,” admitted the Bourne Identity star.

To this, the DoLittle actor mentioned, “It almost like an engineering of the humans because you will never be on a set that is more dialled in.”

When host asked about improvisation, the Avengers star disclosed, “Christopher did say, Robert you seem to be doing a lot of improv out there. But if get scared out then float gently back to the text.”

“That was the most disconcerting of all the energies because I’d had no previous experience with that,” added the actor.

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