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Roundup: Digital well-being tools for farmers, hospital staff launched and more briefs

Online suicide prevention tool for farmers goes live

A new website was launched to provide well-being support and suicide prevention resources to farmers. 

Developed by researchers from the University of South Australia, the Taking Stock website hosts various resources, including films, interviews and podcasts of farmer experiences, information about setting up a local suicide prevention group, and ways to connect and engage with communities for early approaches to suicide prevention.

Canberra Health Service rolls out well-being app for staff

Canberra Health Services has officially rolled out the Mayo Clinic Well-Being Index app to all its staff. 

Through the app, staff can complete a well-being assessment and access immediate resources relevant to their current mental condition. Their information is anonymously shared with Canberra Health Services which tracks how their staff is feeling over a period of time. 

The Well-being Index app is one of the three health and wellbeing initiatives being implemented by Canberra Health Services to promote staff well-being and prevent burnout. The two upcoming initiatives include a well-being peer support programme and a restorative wellness space. 

Children’s version of COVID-19 Risk Calculator released

The Immunisation Coalition has released a children’s version of its COVID-19 Risk Calculator (CoRiCal).

The update to this online calculator aims to help raise the rate of vaccination among children, which has seen very low uptake over the past six months, according to CoRiCal team member and Flinders University Associate Professor John Litt.

It also seeks to dispel vaccination hesitancy among parents and children by providing access to the latest evidence regarding vaccination risks versus benefits.

Clintel’s CareRight goes live at The Hobart Clinic

Tasmanian mental healthcare provider The Hobart Clinic has implemented Clintel Systems’ CareRight platform across its inpatient and outpatient hospital and community care institution.

The platform, configured for its use, includes PAS, EMR, billing, and claiming. According to a media release, this integrated, end-to-end smart system has replaced two outdated systems and spreadsheet-based recording across The Hobart Clinic. Through CareRight, workflow, appointment, and resource management have been automated and integrated.

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