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Ryan Gosling reveals he got surprise gifts from Margot Robbie on ‘Barbie’ set

Margot Robbie showered Ryan Gosling with daily presents to help him understand the character of Ken in their upcoming movie ‘Barbie’

Ryan Gosling, the lead actor in the upcoming Barbie movie, has revealed the daily gifts he received from his co-star Margot Robbie during the filming process.

As reported by E!Online, Gosling, who plays the character Ken opposite Robbie’s Barbie, explained that Robbie helped him connect with his character in a unique way.

According to Gosling, Robbie would leave a pink present with a pink bow for him every day on set. The gifts were all beach-themed, such as puka shells or a sign that said “Pray for surf.”

Gosling, 42, admitted that he wasn’t entirely sure what his character’s job as Ken meant, but he felt that Robbie’s gifts were a way of helping him understand. He described the presents as a gesture of support and guidance from Barbie to Ken.

It seems that Robbie’s technique had a positive impact on Gosling’s performance, as the 32-year-old actress praised his portrayal of Ken in the film. 

Robbie even went so far as to say that it showcased “the greatest version of Ryan Gosling ever put on screen.”

In addition to her role as the iconic doll, Robbie also served as a producer on the film, which is directed by Greta Gerwig and is set to be released on July 21.

Interestingly, Robbie admitted that she didn’t have much personal experience with Barbie dolls while growing up, mentioning that her cousin owned a collection of Barbies, and she would often play with them when visiting her cousin’s house.

As fans eagerly await the release of the film, it’s clear that both Gosling and Robbie had a positive working relationship and that Robbie’s thoughtful gifts played a role in Gosling’s embodiment of the character Ken.

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