Sarah Snook teases ambiguous finale for HBO’s ‘Succession’

Sarah Snook teases ambiguous finale for HBO’s ‘Succession’

Succession’s Sarah Snook hinted at an enigmatic conclusion in the highly anticipated final episode of the hit HBO series. 

In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, the actress, known for her portrayal of Shiv Roy, suggested that the ending left the cast with a sense of ambiguity. 

“We knew it would be the final series [while filming], however, the way the series ends, a number of the cast felt it was left somewhat ambiguous.”

With viewers eagerly awaiting the reveal of the ultimate successor in the power struggle, Snook’s cryptic remark only heightens the anticipation for the remaining episodes. 

During previous interviews, including one with RadioTimes.com, showrunner Jesse Armstrong revealed that multiple endings for the final episode of Succession were discussed. 

The uncertainty surrounding the ultimate leader of Waystar RoyCo has never been more palpable, leaving fans curious about the possible outcomes. 

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