‘There’s no shame in asking for help’

Kate Winslet teary BAFTA speech: ‘There’s no shame in asking for help’

Kate Winslet has bagged her first BAFTA TV award for I Am Ruth.

During her acceptance speech, the Reader’s weighed in on mental health, “the people in power to criminalize harmful content.”

“We don’t want it, and we want our children back,” she continued. “We don’t want to lie awake terrified for our children’s mental health. To any young people who are listening, please ask for help, there is no shame in admitting you need support, just ask for it.”

The Titanic star also added she wished she could “cut the award in half and give it to her,” pointing to her real-life daughter Mia Threapleton, who also played her daughter in the British series.

“We did this together, kiddo,” adding, “There were days when it was agony for [Mia] to dig as deeply as she did into this frightening, emotional territory.”

The Oscar winner also gushed over the show’s creator Dominic Savage for t you don’t know me but can “the space to tell women’s stories.”.

“This means a great deal as it means small British TV dramas can still be weighty,” says Winslet.

Meanwhile, the Channel 4 series also netted the Best Single Drama at the award show. The show highlights a mother-and-daughter relationship going through tough mental health issues in the digital age.

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