TikTok videos, negative reviews and getting angry online

Venting on the internet has become the new way to complain. Instead of leaving a one-star Yelp or Google review, or sharing a bad experience with family and friends, disgruntled customers can go on TikTok, go viral and go nuclear on a place − or person − they feel has wronged them.

Be it a bakery, tattoo parlor, airline or bar, anyone can find themselves at the mercy of thousands of angry bandwagoners ready to carry out justice on an organization or person they don’t know. Take TikToker @emilyraefit, a newlywed in Charleston, South Carolina, who had a negative experience with the bar she chose for her wedding after-party. She shared her story, it got 1.4 million views and in a later video, she thanked her followers for decimating the businesses’ reviews.

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