Twitter’s second safety leader to quit: Report

Days after Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, quit the company, a report now claims that the platform’s head of brand safety and ad quality has decided to leave. Since Elon Musk took over the company, Twitter has seen a massive reduction in employee count as several executives and senior employees have also left the company.
Citing a source familiar with the matter, a report by news agency Reuters said that AJ Brown, who was serving as head of brand safety and ad quality, has decided to leave the company.
Twitter’s ‘advertising’ problem
A majority of Twitter advertisers have reportedly stopped advertising on the microblogging platform because they feared that their brands’ message would appear in close proximity to inappropriate content.
Brown, who is the second safety leader to depart in a matter of days, worked on efforts to prevent ads from appearing next to unsuitable content, the report said.
In a bid to get advertisers back on the platform, Musk announced NBCUniversal’s chair of advertising sales Linda Yaccarino as the new Twitter CEO. The latest departure likely adds to a growing challenge for Yaccarino even before she steps into the role.
It is to be noted that Musk’s hiring of Yaccarino suggests that ad sales remained a priority for Twitter.
Twitter product for trust and safety quit
The news comes a few days after Ella Irwin, who served as the vice president of product for trust and safety at the social media company, resigned.
Irwin used to oversee content moderation efforts and often responded to users with questions about suspended accounts. Irwin joined Twitter in June 2022 and took over the post in November when Yoel Roth, who previously headed the team, resigned.
Twitter recently withdrew from an agreement with the European Union to tackle disinformation, a move that has attracted scrutiny from regulators over the company’s moderation efforts.

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