Updates: WhatsApp starts rolling out new ‘Updates’ tab for iOS beta users

WhatsApp has been reportedly planning to bring upgrades to the platform. According to a report by WABetaInfo, users will see a new ‘Updates‘ tab replaced by the redesigned status tab while Channels are still under development.
With the first version of the new Updates tab, muted status updates will be available within a separate section titled ‘Muted Status’. WhatsApp is rolling out the feature through the TestFlight Beta program carrying the firmware iOS for select beta testers.
The muted status updates will now be available under a separate section called “Muted Status”. Additionally, the shortcut to open privacy settings has also been moved to the same menu. There will also be another shortcut to create status updates, and it has been integrated within the menu that shows up when a user taps on the plus icon at the top of the screen.
WhatsApp also mentioned that channels will also support handles, so users can search for a specific channel by simply entering its username within WhatsApp.
WhatsApp may soon Channels feature for iOS users
Meanwhile, WhatsApp Channels is under development and will be rolled out soon for users running iOS. This will be a new one-to-many tool for broadcasting information across iOS. By introducing this feature, WhatsApp aims to improve the accessibility of channels, making it easier for users to get updates that they prefer.
A WhatsApp Channel is a private tool where phone numbers and user information joining a channel are always kept hidden. However,” messages received within a channel are not end-to-end encrypted since the concept of one-to-many wouldn’t make much sense for channels.”

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